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All customers will need to pay for any customs duties and VAT tax themselves. We will be responsible for shipping the product to your address. However, if the package is held by your customs due to duties and VAT tax requirements, you will need to pay for those additional costs.

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dokiWatch requires a 3G nano SIM card to work. This can be purchased from your local service provider along with a monthly service plan.


dokiWatch is compatible with all GSM and WCDMA networks, which means that it will work with almost any mobile operator worldwide (except Sprint and Verizon in the US).

dokiWatch comes in two versions based on cellular bands.

  1. 3G WCDMA/ UMTS/ HSPA:1900 MHz
    2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  2. 3G WCDMA/ UMTS/ HSPA:2100 MHz 
    2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

You will need to purchase the correct version based on which region you plan to use dokiWatch in. If you are unsure which cellular band you need, please refer to the links below to see which mobile networks will support dokiWatch.

dokiWatch is unable to connect through only WiFi at this time. The onboard WiFi is purely for location tracking. For example, if the GSM or GPS signal is low, the device will automatically use the closest WiFi beacon in your child’s vicinity to track your child’s location.


Currently dokiWatch and Doki App only support English and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional). We expect to expand to more languages by the end of 2016.


Yes, as the primary administrator of your child’s dokiWatch, you will be able to manage and preset your child’s contact list through the Doki App. Only those preset contacts will be able to call your child’s dokiWatch and your child will only be able to call those contacts that you’ve preset. Unrecognized numbers will automatically be blocked.


We recommend a monthly data plan of 500MB to 1G. The data usage rate is highly dependent on the frequency of usage of certain features. Video calling takes up the most data usage. If you do not plan on using video calling very often, you may be able to sign up for a lower data plan.


A combination of GPS, GSM, and WiFi triangulation gives dokiWatch the same location tracking capability and accuracy as other leading smartphones.

You can remotely deactivate your child’s dokiWatch when they’re in bed, in class, etc. Only the watch face (time and date) will remain visible when Class Mode is activated. Your child can still activate the Emergency SOS Mode and all tracking features will remain active under Class Mode, so rest assured parents can still receive updates on their child’s location.


Yes, software and new application updates will be available through OTA (Over-the-Air) firmware updates. Once a new update is available, users will be reminded to update their doki app and dokiWatch to support the new firmware.




Position the charger on the back of dokiWatch. The charger’s magnets will align with the charging port on the back panel of dokiWatch.

dokiWatch is compatible with Android 4.4 and iPhone 4 or higher smartphones.

You may not need to sign up for a full cellular plan to set up dokiWatch. If you already have a carrier you are currently using, chances are they offer a family or shared plan that allows you to add additional devices to your current phone plan at a much lower rate. You will need to check the details with your local carrier. However, AT&T, for example, offers a shared mobile plan which allows you to add an additional connected wearable (smartwatch) at only $10/ month.

dokiWatch comes with a built-in accelerometer to track your child’s steps taken, calorie burned, and distance traveled.

dokiWatch stores last 100 message records.


No, dokiWatch is not waterproof. Do not bathe, shower, or swim with the device. We recommend removing the device during rain and before washing hands to avoid water damage.

To protect your child’s safety, you can log in to your account through another smartphone with the doki app and temporarily transfer account administrator access to another family member. We strongly suggest that you contact us at support@doki.com  for further assistance.