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Yes, dokiWatch requires a 3G nano SIM card with data and voice services in order to activate the device.

We recommend a monthly 3G data plan of 300MB and 100 voice minutes. However, actual data consumption is dependent on the usage rate of device functions.

dokiWatch is compatible with most WCDMA networks, which means that it will work with SIM cards from almost any carrier worldwide (except Sprint and Verizon in the US). However, you must first check with your local carrier to ensure that their network operates on cellular frequency bands that dokiWatch supports. dokiWatch is not compatible with carriers that do not operate on these frequency bands.

dokiWatch is available in two models based on cellular frequency bands the device supports.

Model 1900: (compatible with carriers in most countries in North America & Latin America)

  • 3G WCDMA/ UMTS/ HSPA: 1900 MHz
  • 2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Model 2100: (compatible with carriers in most countries in Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa)

  • 3G WCDMA/ UMTS/ HSPA: 2100 MHz 
    2G GSM: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

You must select the correct model based on the country/ region you plan to use dokiWatch in. If you are unsure which cellular frequency bands your carrier operates on, please refer to the links below:

Yes, dokiWatch can connect to WiFi. You can set up WiFi connection under the Device Settings on dokiWatch.

dokiWatch and Doki App support English and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

dokiWatch is compatible with Android 4.4 and iPhone 4 or higher.

Yes, as the administrator of your child’s dokiWatch, you will be able to manage and preset your child’s contact list through the Doki App. dokiWatch will only be able to call and receive calls from these preset contacts. Unrecognized numbers will be automatically blocked by dokiWatch.

dokiWatch uses a combination of GPS, GSM, and WiFi triangulation for location-tracking.

You can remotely deactivate your child’s dokiWatch when they are in bed, in class, etc. Only the watch face (time and date) will remain visible when Class Mode is activated. Your child can still activate the SOS Alert and all tracking features will remain active under Class Mode.

Yes, software and new application updates will be available through OTA (Over-the-Air) firmware updates. Once a new update is available, users will be a notification to update their Doki App or dokiWatch to support the new firmware.

dokiWatch can last up to 24 hours under normal usage. However, actual battery consumption is dependent on usage rate of device functions.

dokiWatch stores messages for up to 7 days.

No, dokiWatch is not waterproof. Do not bathe, shower, or swim with the device. We recommend removing the device during rain and before washing hands to avoid water damage.

To protect your child’s safety, you can log in to your account through another smartphone with the Doki App and temporarily transfer account administrator access to another family member. We strongly suggest that you contact us at support@doki.com for further assistance.