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[ANDROID USERS] Android App Download Links - 11 Sep 2019

Due to a technical issue with Google Play, The Doki App is temporarily not available on the Google Play Store. Our engineering team is working to fix the issues and get the app back on the Google platform as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the APKs for the Android version of Doki App are available for download below:

(Please download the app on your Android smartphone. Do not download the APK on your PC)

1.0.3 US Version

1.0.3 Intl Version



Doki Team


The Truth about Children and Screen Time

It is widely believed that parents should put time limits on how long their child uses tech for to prevent screen addiction. Arbitrary rules of thumb such as two hours a day are suggested by many websites and tech articles. However, research from the University of Michigan suggests that it is actually the nature of the content that is the biggest indicator of “emotional or social problems connected with screen addiction”