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The DokiPal smartwatch will keep you in contact with your child around the clock

Kids playing with their dokipal smartwatches in a park

[Originally posted on Wareable by Conor Allison]

Doki has announced a new 4G LTE kids smartwatch featuring a raft of communication, fitness and safety features.

The children's smartwatch - aimed at those aged 5 and above - is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 2100 chipset, enabling it to provide the likes of two-way video calling, location tracking, SOS alerts and basic fitness tracking.

It follows the success of previous models, including the DokiWatch S, with the core features again placing an emphasis on child safety. Through the updated Doki App, (iOS and Android), parents are able to communicate, track and monitor the settings of the DokiPal. They'll also be able to set event reminders and geofencing zones (with notifications sent whenever the wearers step outside a pre-set area).

Interestingly, parents can also set times for a classroom mode, which disables all features of the watch except for the time and SOS alerts. And, naturally, all contacts are set within the Doki App and unknown numbers are automatically blocked, meaning no strangers can make contact with the user.

The new voice assistant, DokiAsk, is also designed to both recognize children's voices and not provide inappropriate responses to potential queries. Doki ensures that features are COPPA-compliant, too, ensuring that data is protected.

Battery life, meanwhile, is billed at around three days on standby, and up to two days in normal use. And, of course, this regular usage includes the fitness tracking elements, which includes step tracking, calorie burn and distance travelled.

So, it all sounds fairly above board, right? Well, keep in mind that the $179 DokiPal also has to be backed up by a monthly cost, if you want to take advantage of the cellular features. The device is compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon in the US, with Doki offering activation within the app for $9.99 per month.

The DokiPal is available from 10 July in pink or blue, and we'll be putting it to the test over the coming weeks. Stay tuned for our full review.


Source: Wareable

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