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The dokiWatch is a cheery smartwatch for kids that makes video calls

Your child is old enough to go to school alone, and a smartphone would come in handy for emergencies.

But smartphones come with plenty of downsides for kids who aren't mature enough to handle the responsibility. One possible solution? The dokiWatch, a new Android-based device that offers a number of appealing features. It allows a parents to track their child via a live map, text them or call the watch directly using simple audio or video.

It even has a step tracker in there, like the smart wearables big kids wear.

The watch comes from Hong Kong startup Doki Technologies, which is currently showing it at CES in Vegas after its Kickstarter campaign last year. Because it requires a SIM card, it'll handle location services more accurately than if it were only reliant on GPS. With the SIM card, it can triangulate its position based on cell towers, as your phone does, without needing line of sight to the sky.

In the message box, you can exchange 30-second voice memos or texts with your child. There are also emoji and stickers to play with.

Perhaps the most unique feature is the dokiWatch's ability to conduct a video call with the phone's companion app. The watch pipes out the sound from a smallish but effective speaker, and we found its volume adequate in a moderately crowded cafe.

Calls can't be triggered two ways, however. Only the phone can call the watch, not the other way around. 

You'll need tiny fingers

Because of the watch's tiny screen, the little dialog boxes are a little tricky to press accurately. You have to slide along a little bar to accept an incoming call, for instance. But tiny fingers would probably be far more adept at poking around than clumsy adult digits.

Despite the small screen, the watch itself is fairly large for a kid's wrist. With its smooth, rounded rubbery edges, though, it's not likely to snag on clothing, and should be able to take a licking at the playground.

Battery life lasted about a day or so, although the company claims it'll last up to 60 hours on standby.

Security is key

There's a little red SOS button that, if held down for three seconds, will trigger an alert to the parent's device and tell them where the child is.


 Source: Mashable

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