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Inserting a SIM Card, Charging, and Powering On

How to insert SIM Card

First step to setting up dokiPal, is to insert a 4G Nano sim card into the watch. We recommend using the Doki Sim for easy and worry-free setup. For more information on compatible telecom operators in your country please refer to the Doki SIM page.

1. Find the SIM card slot on the left side of the watch
2. Make sure the SIM card is a nano size SIM
3. Simply pull the SIM card tray out
4. Place the SIM card chip-side down and insert the tray

How to switch on your dokiPal

1. To start up the dokiPal, hold the power button for 2 seconds
2. A short vibration and the doki logo will appear
3. If your dokiPal is low on battery, please charge your watch while setting up

Charging dokiPal

1. Connect the charging cable to a USB slot (Make sure the amperage does not exceed 1.5 mAh)
2. Attach the magnetic head to the charging slot behind the watch. Make sure the fit is snug
3. If the watch is charging correctly, a battery indicator will appear to show the charging progress

Doki App - Account Set Up & Child Account Set Up

Downloading the Doki App - The Doki App is where you manage every aspect of dokiPal as an administrator. It is an all-in-one app that can manage, call, message and track the location of your child’s dokiPal. Below are instructions on how you can download the Doki App on both iOS and Android.

*Please note that dokiWatch and dokiWatch S are not compatible with the Doki App. For instructions on how to pair dokiWatch/dokiWatch S please refer to the dokiwatch help center.

On iOS (App Store)


On Android (Google Play Store)


Create a Doki App account - If you’re using the Doki App for the first time, you’ll need to register for a Doki account.

1. Open Doki App and tap ‘Register Now’ on the bottom of the page
2. Fill in all the field
a. Please note that your telephone number is your Login ID and will be required for SMS verification.
b. If you change your number and forgot your password, please contact Doki Customer Service
3. Once you finish, click ‘continue’ and wait for the SMS to send you the 6-digit code
4. Input 6-digit code from the SMS


Pair dokiPal to Doki App

1. Once logged into Doki App, tap ‘pair’ on the bottom-left corner of the page
2. Once switched on, dokiPal will display a QR code that can be scanned to pair the watch
3. Doki App will then prompt you to create a child account. If you already have existing child accounts, then you can choose one to pair with the watch. If you’re registering a Child account for the first time, please refer to the below steps.

Creating a Child Account - A child account is used to sync a child’s profile within dokiPal and dokiApp. A child account can be transferred between watches.

1. After scanning the QR code, create a user ID and password for your child’s account and tap continue
2. Fill in all the fields
a. If using a data-only sim like Doki Sim, you do not need to fill in mobile number. Please also tap the checkbox
b. Birthday, weight and height are all used for fitness functions
c. Tap create account when finished
3. Tap the child account you just created to assign it to the dokiPal


Doki SIM Set up

Setting up Doki SIM

The Doki SIM is the companion sim card to dokiPal that supports LTE connectivity in every country we ship to. Before Doki SIM can be used, you will have to choose the data package that you would like to subscribe to first. For information on zones and pricing, please refer to this page.

For an illustrated guide, please refer to this page

Doki SIM Method 1: Using Doki SIM during first time set-up

1. Please make sure you insert Doki SIM into dokiPal, then press “settings” then “network settings”
2. Turn on Roaming
3. Tap “APN” and select “AIRFI
4. Scan QR code as it appears on Doki App
5. Create child account (For more detail, refer to 'creating a Doki account' instructions)
6. Press “activate Doki SIM”
7. Find 6 digit verification code in email, insert the code in Doki App
8. Activate Doki SIM by scanning the barcode on the packaging of Doki SIM (Alternatively you can type in the sim ID)
9. Create a Doki SIM account
10. Choose Doki SIM package and input payment information
11. Wait for all ticks to turn green and complete registration

Please note:

- The Doki SIM card can be used in any dokiPal watch you own
- Doki SIM card is a data-only SIM card, so it does not have a phone number. Calls can be made through Data call or Video call.
- The Admin is the controller of sim. The Sim setting rights cannot be transferred to another Doki App account.

Doki SIM Method 2: Setting up Doki SIM on an already set-up dokiPal (Or adding another Doki SIM)

This method is for users who have already set up dokiPal (Doki App account, child account) but have not set up Doki SIM yet.

1. On the Doki App, go to profile
2. Choose Sim Management
3. Tap “activate Doki SIM”
4. Follow step 7 onwards

To add another SIM card, simply tap the plus button on the top right corner and follow the above instructions.

Within SIM management, you can change the following settings:

- See account information and view all sims
- Customize account information dashboard to view data information (e.g. how much data has been used within a given month)
- View and change payment method
- See transaction history
- Cancel the plan

Start Guide FAQ

Q: Can I set up dokiPal without a SIM Card? (WiFi Set up)

WiFi set up is used if you don’t have a SIM Card for your dokiPal or are in an area with poor signal reception. If an unbinded (unpaired) dokiPal does not find a 4G connection within a few minutes, WiFi settings will appear on the watch.

Connect to WiFi

- Tap WiFi settings
- Choose network that you wish to connect to
- Enter the password

dokiPal Features

Location Tracking Settings

The smart locator is at the very core of the Doki App. It is the first thing you see when you open the app, so that you’ll be the first to know where your child is at any time. dokiPal uses a combination of GPS, LBS and WiFi to provide accurate location tracking.

Location will be refreshed every time you open the Doki App or whenever you tap the refresh button on the top right corner of the map. By tapping the address on the bottom of the location menu, Google Maps will open so that you can navigate to your child's location.

Power Modes & Tracking Frequency

- Standard Mode: Mainly uses GPS tracking, most power consuming.
- Smart Tracking Mode: Mainly uses Wifi Tracking, less power consuming.
- Power Saving Mode: Uses the only WiFi and LBS tracking, most power saving.

When walking, the smart locator will refresh your child’s location depending on the speed in which the watch is moving.

The faster the watch is moving, the more frequent location info will be updated. When the watch is at rest (while in school for example) location is reported every 30 minutes.

Location History

Location history shows your child’s locations within a chosen date and time period. You can use it to check whether your child is where they’re supposed to be within a given time. Only the admin can see location history.

1. On Doki App, tap on a child and swipe up to reveal the child menu
2. Tap “location history”
3. Tap the arrow above to choose date
4. Drag the points of the line to choose a specific time period (e.g. 4:30pm - 7pm)

Please note:

- For location history to work well, sufficient signal strength and consistent data connection must be ensured
- Accuracy of location depends on GPS, data strength and availability of WiFi connection points

Adding Contacts

Adding Contacts

Add contacts onto the dokiPal to call, message and send photos and videos. To add a contact to your child’s dokiPal, firstly open up the Doki App.

1. After pairing dokiPal to the admin, select a child and swipe up to reveal menu
2. Tap ‘add contact’
3. If the contact has already made a Doki App account, make sure the tab is on ‘Doki App User’. If the contact has not made a Doki App account, make one now on a different phone.
4. Tap ‘Share QR Code’
5. Scan the QR code using the contact’s Doki App
6. The contact is now a ‘follower’. For more details on the difference between an admin and a follower, please refer to the Settings section below.

Safety Features - SOS & Alert Area

SOS button

The SOS button is a safety feature that allows kids to send out an SOS alert to an admin in times of emergency.

1. Child will need to hold the SOS/back button on the dokiPal for 3 seconds
2. SOS mode will appear for 60 seconds, during which time the admin will receive an SOS alert with the child's location on Doki App
3. The watch will also record surrounding noise for 60 seconds
4. After 60 seconds, the watch exits SOS mode and the recording is sent to the admin

TIP: Teach children how to use the SOS button and how it should only be used during serious situations. Also teach children how best to use the 60 second sound recording: e.g. using it to describe their location or situation in more detail.

Alert Area

Alert Area is a geo-fence. This means that you can set times whenever you want to get a notification whenever your child enters or leaves a certain location/ area (ie. school, friend’s home, park, etc). If the dokiPal watch (or your child) is not is not within the pre-set area, you will receive a notification, making this an easy way to know when your child arrives at or leaves a certain area.

Note: You can set a maximum of 3 Alert Areas

For a step-by-step guide on creating an Alert Area, please click here

Communication Features - Video & Voice Calling, Messaging 

Calling with dokiPal

dokiPal supports 3 types of calls: Video, voice and data calling

- Video call uses data and utilizes dokiPal's camera so that you can see your kids while calling them
- Voice call uses calling minutes to call to/from dokiPal. This is like initiating a call from your phone to another phone number.
- Data call, like the name suggests, uses data to make calls to/from dokiPal. This is similar to calling from Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.
Below are ways to initiate calls to/from dokiPal:

Initiating a call from dokiPal to phone (Voice, video and data call)

1. Tap “contact” and press the contact you would like to call
2. Choose the type of call you would like to initiate. Voice calling uses minutes while VOIP and video calling uses data
3. Top-right option is data call, top-left option is voice call, bottom left option is video call

From app to dokiPal (Video call, voice call, data call)

1. On DokiApp, select the child you wish to contact
2. Tap which calling option you would like to use (Voice, VOIP or Video)

From dokiPal to another dokiPal

1. On dokiPal, tap “contact” and press the contact you would like to call
2. Choose the type of call you would like. Voice calling uses minutes while VOIP and video calling uses data

Messaging with dokiPal

The Doki App contains a built in messaging feature, that will allow you to text your kid's dokiPal with ease. In return, kids can send voice notes, emojis and even photos with their dokiPal right to the app.

Messaging from Doki App to watch

1. Open app and choose the child you would like to message by tapping on their icon
2. Tap “message” and type or send an emoji
3. To send a voice message, hold the microphone icon

From watch to app

1. Tap contact and select which contact you would like to message.
2. Tap to select and tap the pink bottom-right button to message
- Emoji selector, swipe to see more options and short-text replies
- Record a voice message
- Swipe up to send a photo through camera or gallery

Send photos & videos

Please note that due to storage limitations, dokiPal cannot receive any videos from doki App. To send photos and videos

Sending photos and videos from dokiPal to Doki App

1. On dokiPal messaging page, tap the bottom arrow
2. Tap the send photo button (Orange icon)

Sending photos from Doki App to dokiPal

1. On Doki App messaging page, tap arrow button on the bottom left
2. Tap Camera to take a photo to send now, tap gallery to choose a photo in phone storage

Learning Features - Doki Ask, Scheduler, Class Mode 

Using Doki Ask

1. Swipe dokiPal menu and tap ‘Doki Ask’
2. Press the ask button
3. Ask Doki AI a question e.g. How tall do giraffes grow? What is the tallest building in the world?


The scheduler is a reminder tool to notify children whenever they have an event to go to or a task to do. Only an admin can schedule and see their child’s events on the Doki App.

There are two types of reminders: A reminder and an event.

- A reminder notifies your child of any tasks they have to complete at a set time e.g. brush teeth,
- An event is for setting activities within a set period of time e.g. reading time, practice piano etc.
- Events can be repeatable, one-time event or a full-day period.
- Reminders can also be repeatable, a one-time event but it cannot be full-day

How to set up a reminder

1. Pull up the child menu and tap “scheduler”
2. Tap ‘+’ icon and tap ‘reminder’
3. Choose time for the reminder and other details (name, detail, icon) under the time
4. Tap ‘Save’

How to set up an event

1. Pull up the child menu and tap “scheduler”
2. Tap ‘+’ icon and tap ‘event’
3. Choose time for start and end time of the event and other details (name, detail, icon) under the time
4. Tap ‘Save’


- Past events and reminders are greyed out in the watch.
- To see past events, go to the ‘historical’ tab within scheduler. Tap a past event and duplicate it for ease of use.
  • Class mode

    Class mode disables all watch functions (except SOS) for a set period of time or until disabled manually. It can be used during school time, tutoring or periods of no screen time. Only admins can activate and schedule Class Mode. For example, enable class mode from 6-7pm every weekday so that kids have time to do homework without distraction

    Activate Class mode now
1. Go to dokiApp menu
2. Tap ‘Class Mode’
3. Tap the switch ‘Turn on now’

Schedule Class Mode

1. Go to dokiApp menu
2. Tap ‘Class Mode’
3. Tap ‘+’ button on the top-right
4. Choose a time period for when Class Mode should be activated
5. Choose days in which you wish the period to be repeated

Fitness Features - Fitness Tracking


To check your child’s fitness information, first select the child you would like to check on the Doki App. Swipe up on the menu and select ‘fitness’

From here you can see:

- Distance in miles
- Calories used based on movement
- Time left in the day
- History of steps taken for the previous 7 days


The fitness tracker contains information* for:

- Steps taken and calories burned each day
- National and global rankings for steps taken

*Requires data from age, height and weight of child

Fitness leaderboard

Within Fitness leaderboard, you can see:

- Your child’s world rankings and country ranking
- The ranking is based on the average steps taken over 3 days, the time is based on the US time zone

dokiPal & Doki App

Installing Updates: dokiPal and Doki App

How to check your dokiPal’s version number

1. On the watch, go to settings
2. Scroll down and tap “Device info”
3. This section will have information on watch owner, watch version, IMEI and kernel number

Doki Account Settings

How to change your contact number (Admin or follower)

  • If a follower changes phone number, the number is automatically changed on the watch
  • Please note that if you are an admin/follower, changing the contact number does not change the user ID. The confirmation SMS will always be sent to the number that you used to register the Doki account

I forgot/want to change my Doki account Password

  • If you forget your password, tap forgot password on the log in screen
  • An SMS will be sent to your registered phone number with a verification code
  • Once the verification code is inputted, type down your new password for future use

Contact Management

What’s the difference between an admin, a follower, a friend and a number-only contact?

Admin account
- Has full range of features within Doki App
Follower account
- Can only see location, call and message
- Can also view battery information, display picture and name
Child’s friend
- Contacts added from the ‘add friend feature’ of dokiPal
- Requires two dokiPals
- Can call and message one another
Number-only contact
- Contacts added through whitelisting phone number
- Can only voice-call (No data-call) and cannot be used when dokiPal has a data-only sim.

Admin (One per watch)



Number-only contact

Voice call

✓ (Voice call only)

Video call




Location tracking


Complete control of settings



What is an IMEI number? 

What is an IMEI number? How do I find it?

An IMEI is a unique number available on every dokiPal that is used to identify individual watches.

You’ll need to know the IMEI number of your watch for the below:

- Technical support
- To check whether the watch was bought from official channels
- To check Maintenance date or warranty

Please note that you will need to contact Doki Customer Service to check any of the above information

To check your watch’s IMEI number, you can check behind the watch packaging or refer to the below:

How to find your dokiPal’s IMEI number and owner details

1. On the watch, go to settings
2. Scroll down and tap “Device info”
3. This section will have information on watch owner, watch version, IMEI and kernel number


1. On the dokiApp, go to “Watch detail”
2. This section will have information on watch owner, watch version, IMEI and kernel number
3. Refer to IMEI number for your dokiPal’s IMEI number

Calling issues

- When using voice call, check if your sim card has sufficient call minutes. Also check if your sim card is data only
- If video call or VOIP call fails, check whether you have sufficient data. Check if you are in an area with poor reception.
- Try using VOIP or video call with a WiFi connection

Ringer Settings

1. Go to settings and tap volume
2. Drag bar left or right depending on volume preference
Ringtone Settings
1. In settings, tap ringtone
2. Tap a ringtone option to listen to it
3. Choose preferred ringtone by tapping again

What is my dokiPal verion